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IB Group’s Soya business is multifaceted and is focussed at production of highest quality of edible oil and soya bean meal. Our solvent extraction plant is highly mechanised and today we produce Soya DOC with 50%-52% protein content, with controlled fibre free from oil residue, ash and sand & silica making it one of the finest in the country. This is possible only through sustained levels of cleaning, storage and monitoring arrangements.

At present our in-house refinery produces high quality edible soya and vegetable oil, with a unique blend of omega fatty acids. Aimed at expanding the product suite we are in midst of launching palm oil and rice bran oil for our users.


Maintaining an active lifestyle isn’t easy in today’s fast paced world. It requires conscious selection of components and good dietary habits. This is possible by making way for quality products in your kitchen and using them in optimum amounts. Our range of edible oils is a good source of balanced fatty acids like MUFA and PUFA , the key components of healthy cooking oil. Research has shown that balanced oil maintains a healthy heart and skin.

Marketed under the brand name of ABIS, we currently produce transparent, high quality soya oil for our users.


Plant Capacity 1800 TPD
Refinery Unit 500 M.T/Day

Edible oil rich with essential fatty acids forms an integral part of an individual’s daily dietary requirement. Therefore we take extreme care in producing the purest form of edible oil for our loyal customers. The IB Soya DOC is specially formulated and its high protein content is ideal for animals ensuring better health and eventually bringing down the cost of production.

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