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The Poultry business forms the heart of IB Group and is ever evolving. Most recently we have tied hands with Aviagen, the global leader in grandparent and parent stocks and together we have partnered our new parent brand under the name of IB ROSS . Keeping in tandem with international partnerships we constantly ensure highest standards of hygiene and poultry rearing.

Latest technology and in-process testing methods have been incorporated right at the initial stages to maintain optimum quality throughout processing cycle, leading to a superior product range.



With an uncompromising zeal to provide value to our customers and stakeholders, the Poultry business has adopted backward and forward integration successfully. This means that the group is home to its own grandparent and parents chicks which are bred in IB Group’s individual farms that include Breeder, Broiler and Layer categories. The hatcheries under IB Group maintain high levels of hygiene and bio security arrangements. We have also been successful in joining hands with local farmers in setting up of partnership farms, thereby providing extended employability to all.

Produced under the brand name of ABIS, today we cater to approximately 60% of the population in Central India vis-à-vis our table top eggs and chicken.


Grand Parent Capacity 60,000
Hatchery Capacity 10 million
Commercial Broiler Capacity 10million
Layer Capacity 1million

Having our foothold in poultry business, we are focussed in providing the most hygienic and nutritious products to our customers. What more, we are determined to achieve a new feat through rechristening poultry business as protein business in India.


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