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An IB Group Invite

With IB Group's 25 years of rich experience in EC Poultry Houses we strongly believe that Technology & Automation is the future for Indian Poultry Farming. Hence it is our constant endeavor to upgrade our associated farmers with updated technology to deliver consistent performance. This will help them in getting better profits.

Through "PARIVARTAN" initiative IB Group offer's to its associated farmers the most comprehensive package of EC Houses with tested and proven equipments.

IB Farmer's Benefits:

  • Transformation to modern EC Broiler Houses
  • 40%. Subsidy on EC Poultry Equipments*
  • 25% additional Growing Charges

  • Best Performers in Broiler Integration 325+ EEF Club’18

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    Number of Birds Price per kg Total income
    Open House

    5000 * 2 kg = 10000

    ₹ 6.00 ₹ 60,000.00/-
    EC House

    8538 * 2 kg = 17076

    ₹ 7.50 ₹ 1,28,070.00/-

    EC house will give you double profit through increase housing capacity of 368070/-

    The open farm capacity can hold 1 Bird for every 1.20 sq. ft whereas in EC House it would be 0.65 sq.ft per bird.

    Considering 6000 sq.ft (Shed - 200 ft X 30 ft) area, Free space in EC House (450 sq.ft).

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