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* Incudes our partners, direct and indirect employees, consultants, permanent employees, interns .
  • We have been successful in communicating the core essence of our products to our users. Word of mouth marketing has been our biggest asset.


    Vice President

  • As one of the oldest employee of IB Group family, I am extremely grateful to them for recognising my talent and nurturing it. I take pride in its ethics and the phenomenal growth it has provided to numerous people from ordinary background, just like me.

    Chintaram Sagarvanshi

    Manager , Farm-Construction


At IBG we take pride in our employees and stand tall with them beyond the stated boundaries of an employer-employee relationship. This aspect has strengthened our bonds and has ensured that IB Group is home to an able workforce of 3000 and counting.

Under the exemplary vision of our directors and founding members, IB Group has been instrumental in nurturing local talent and providing them with opportunities and platform at par with the best in industry. Our Human Resource department has taken active initiatives to introduce latest in technology to our ever evolving work force enabling them to apply their time effectively, thereby maintaining an active work-life balance.

With a parental outlook towards employee benefit, IB Group has been successful in extending accommodation benefits to its employees through its housing scheme across its company hierarchy.

Learning is a lifelong task and at IB Group we rank it highly. Perception management is a key driver to our business and we ensure that our employees are actively fortified with knowledge about latest developments along with specialised workshops and trainings that empowers them for an incredible future.

An innovative and fast paced conglomerate, IB group has carved a niche for itself in a very short span of time. It values individuals more than the qualifications and with numerous employee testimonials under its belt, is constantly looking for individuals with passion and zeal to join our ever evolving team.

Join hands with us today because we don't provide mere careers; we provide a family to you.

Dr. Ravindra Jaiswal

Low production cost and a sustained output is integral to our business at IB Group. Strategic partnership with the best in industry has propelled us ahead of our game.

Mr. Anjum Alvi
Executive Director, Public Relations and Liasoning

Our employees constantly seek our advice and, it is overwhelming to be associated with such a robust employee network

Mr. Manoj Ahuja

Providing a compliant environment and channelising the assets for maximum utilisation of resources has been our strategy. We constantly aim to achieve a sound financial plan

Mr. Juned Qazi

At IBG we strive to provide the best products with highly effective technology and processing methods. We aim at best utilisation of resources and saving for the next generation.

Mr. Ajith Mani
Head HR

An open mind and willingness to learn are key drivers in attaining success. At IB Group we are one team with one purpose

Dileep Jain
Sr Vice President ( F&A)

Recording accurate and transparent commercial transactions with full proof internal control by using world class technology SAP . We take care convenience of our business associates and serve on real time basis.

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