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Taking a cue from its integration, IB Group manufactures high quality feed with remarkable longevity. The feed plant ensures consistent yield of quality pellets and consistent research has led in determining optimum particle size suited to each category of animal.

We utilise advanced levels of conditioning system to ensure the best starch gelatinisation process, an important metric in feed production. These stringent processes ensure that the salmonella kill rate is significantly reduced, safeguarding the health of livestock and a better product for your business.


The feed production process is ever evolving and at IB Group we are not behind. At present we produce pellet feeds for poultry and extruded feed for fisheries under pre-starter, starter and finisher categories. Accepting technology has been in IB Group’s veins and it reflects in its sustained evolution just like the way we pioneered the production of micro-pellet feed in Asia.

Apart from this IB Group is also the largest fish feed manufacturer in the country and a well known exporter as well. High demands in the global market paved way for feed export and as of today we export high quality feed to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Middle East. The products are sold under the ABIS brand name.


Production Capacity 1850 MT/Day

At IB Group we understand the meaning of healthy livestock and its business implications. Therefore we aim at providing nutritious feed for animals by manufacturing specially formulated products ensuring world class quality.


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