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10 productive ways to celebrate the World Veterinary Day 2018


The World Veterinary Day has been in the full glare of publicity over the recent years in honour of Veterinarians, from across the globe. Whether you are a poultry person or a pet owner, there’s one thing common for all, and that’s the incredible work carried out by the veterinarians. Although it may not sound loud like that of how we celebrate some infamous observations, it has widespread support from animal and bird lovers, owners of livestock farms and aquaculture farms. If you are one of them and still wondering how to celebrate the World Veterinary Day 2018, here are 10 productive ways you can do it.

1. Help to spread the thought:

If you are active on social media, you will come across many campaigns organized by animal welfare centers or NGOs. Your participation in such campaigns may help in spreading the thought and might attract your circle of friends in participating as well. It allows you to use the promotional hashtags driven to run such campaigns by which it accounts in gaining public interests.

2. Be Expressive:

Share your story on social media or in your friend circle about how the veterinarian took care of your pet when you have lost hopes. Be expressive with every little measure taken by him from controlling your patience level to healing your pet.

3. Offer Gratitude:

A vet is one who understands the health issues of the pet, animal or bird even where they are unable to express it in words. It’s the day to offer gratitude to your vet by sending them gifts, bouquet or an email telling her/him how much you appreciate what they do to keep the animals in your life healthy.

4. Pay a visit to your veterinarian:

It’s needless that you have to pay a visit to your veterinarian only when you need to visit for health check-ups of your pet or at the time of vaccinations. A casual visit to your veterinarian on such a special day enhances the mutual bond as well as the relationship between the pet and the vet. On the other hand, a surprise visit with a gift might make your vet’s day a special one as well.

5. Shoutout on Social Media:

If paying a casual visit to your veterinarian is a hassle for you, express your gratitude on social media channels and be loud. Shoot a video by sharing your story, publish it on youtube and share it on your timeline by tagging your vet. Not only you will make your vet’s day, you will help him in enhancing his network as well.

6. Connect to a veterinarian:

If you are a new pet owner, an amateur in livestock farming or owning a start-up aquaculture farm, the World Veterinary Day is the best time for you to connect to a veterinarian.

7. Learn more about vaccinations:

Feeling homesick? Stay back at home and research about vaccinations. It will help you to keep an update on the same. On the other hand, learn the benefits of keeping your pets’ vaccinations current alongside DIY remedies for your pets’ when your vet is not around.

8. Aid the needy:

Over the years, the government has initiated many private NGOs for the welfare of the animals and birds. Get connected with such NGOs and be a team player in aiding the needy animals living in your society.

9. Assist the rural farmers by referring a veterinarian you know:

A large part of the rural population needs people like you to refer good vets for their poultry farms, aquaculture farms or livestock farms.

10. Know about the best feed:

The World Veterinary Day 2018 is all about sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security, and safety of animals. The veterinary profession is responsible for the control and inspection of animal products at all stages “from farm to fork” to guarantee safe food to the world population. It is important for you to know about the best animal feed i.e. poultry feed, pet food, cattle feed or aqua feed.


Team IB wishes you all a beautiful,blessed day with your loved ones

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Season’s Greetings & Best wishes to all!


PARIVARTAN, an IB Group Initiative!


We have always strived to maintain world class standards in our operations. We believe technology can be leveraged to make it possible, “PARIVARTAN” is one such step of introducing technology to our farmers for better productivity resulting into healthy chicken and better profits. Though PARIVARTAN initiative IB Group offer’s to its associated farmers the most comprehensive package of EC Houses with tested & proven equipment.

Advantages of Environmentally Controlled House:

  • Increase in stock density by 75% @0.65 Sq.Ft/ Bird
  • Improved FCR
  • Reduced Mortality
  • Increased productivity & health of chicken
  • Cost effective
  • Faster & uniform growth
  • Better & consistent performance in all branches throughout the year
  • Ease of Management
  • Improved productivity with reduced challenges

One solution for all poultry farmers: Technology & innovation are our core values. With advanced R&D centers, feed mills, veterinarians, professional diagnostic labs & training centers, farmers are assured of the best quality chicks, feed & professional care.

  • World Class Feed Processing Units
  • Most advanced Hatchery units
  • Ultra-modern closed EC Broiler Houses
  • State of the art breeder farms
  • Most effective chick logistics
  • End to end support through in-house Poultry Experts

We strongly believe that technology & innovation is the future for Indian Poultry Framing. Hence, it’s our constant endeavor to upgrade our associated farmers with updated technology to deliver consistent performance. This will help them in gaining better profits.








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