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10 productive ways to celebrate the World Veterinary Day 2018


The World Veterinary Day has been in the full glare of publicity over the recent years in honour of Veterinarians, from across the globe. Whether you are a poultry person or a pet owner, there’s one thing common for all, and that’s the incredible work carried out by the veterinarians. Although it may not sound loud like that of how we celebrate some infamous observations, it has widespread support from animal and bird lovers, owners of livestock farms and aquaculture farms. If you are one of them and still wondering how to celebrate the World Veterinary Day 2018, here are 10 productive ways you can do it.

1. Help to spread the thought:

If you are active on social media, you will come across many campaigns organized by animal welfare centers or NGOs. Your participation in such campaigns may help in spreading the thought and might attract your circle of friends in participating as well. It allows you to use the promotional hashtags driven to run such campaigns by which it accounts in gaining public interests.

2. Be Expressive:

Share your story on social media or in your friend circle about how the veterinarian took care of your pet when you have lost hopes. Be expressive with every little measure taken by him from controlling your patience level to healing your pet.

3. Offer Gratitude:

A vet is one who understands the health issues of the pet, animal or bird even where they are unable to express it in words. It’s the day to offer gratitude to your vet by sending them gifts, bouquet or an email telling her/him how much you appreciate what they do to keep the animals in your life healthy.

4. Pay a visit to your veterinarian:

It’s needless that you have to pay a visit to your veterinarian only when you need to visit for health check-ups of your pet or at the time of vaccinations. A casual visit to your veterinarian on such a special day enhances the mutual bond as well as the relationship between the pet and the vet. On the other hand, a surprise visit with a gift might make your vet’s day a special one as well.

5. Shoutout on Social Media:

If paying a casual visit to your veterinarian is a hassle for you, express your gratitude on social media channels and be loud. Shoot a video by sharing your story, publish it on youtube and share it on your timeline by tagging your vet. Not only you will make your vet’s day, you will help him in enhancing his network as well.

6. Connect to a veterinarian:

If you are a new pet owner, an amateur in livestock farming or owning a start-up aquaculture farm, the World Veterinary Day is the best time for you to connect to a veterinarian.

7. Learn more about vaccinations:

Feeling homesick? Stay back at home and research about vaccinations. It will help you to keep an update on the same. On the other hand, learn the benefits of keeping your pets’ vaccinations current alongside DIY remedies for your pets’ when your vet is not around.

8. Aid the needy:

Over the years, the government has initiated many private NGOs for the welfare of the animals and birds. Get connected with such NGOs and be a team player in aiding the needy animals living in your society.

9. Assist the rural farmers by referring a veterinarian you know:

A large part of the rural population needs people like you to refer good vets for their poultry farms, aquaculture farms or livestock farms.

10. Know about the best feed:

The World Veterinary Day 2018 is all about sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security, and safety of animals. The veterinary profession is responsible for the control and inspection of animal products at all stages “from farm to fork” to guarantee safe food to the world population. It is important for you to know about the best animal feed i.e. poultry feed, pet food, cattle feed or aqua feed.


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Abis Rice Bran Oil, The best Cooking Oil for your health !


“Rice bran oil is made from bran which makes it rich in Vitamin E that is essentially an antioxidant. The National Institute of Nutrition and The Indian Council of Medical Research recommend oils that have an equal proportion of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Rice bran oil has an almost balanced fatty acid composition that is close to this ratio. Rice bran oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and free of trans-fats.

“It is rich in Vitamin E which is powerful antioxidant and has antimutagenic properties which prevent from cancer. Vitamin E also helps in boosting your immunity,”. “It contains high levels of natural antioxidants which boost your metabolic rate and may help with weight loss,”.  The high level of antioxidants not only makes this oil healthy but also makes it resist rancidity and spoilage. It has a long shelf life. Squalene is a compound present in Rice Bran Oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it soft, supple and smooth. It is an anti-inflammatory and some studies have shown that its consumption can reduce the effects of menopause like hot flashes.

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The Cooking Oil that makes you Healthy!


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Rice Bran Oil Benefits

July 25th, 2016

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Rice bran oil  probably needs no introduction,it’s the oil extracted from the inner husk of rice, and is used for cooking and frying in many countries around the world.

But what is it that makes rice bran oil so popular? Well, it’s the amazing health benefits that it carries that makes it stand out from other ‘healthy’ foods. Here we’ve put down a comprehensive list of the health benefits rice bran oil offers. Read on…

Cholesterol busting power: The cholesterol-busting properties of rice bran oil are well-known, and a study also revealed that rice bran oil was effective in decreasing total cholesterol for up to 42% and LDL cholesterol for up to 62%.

Cancer protection: Yes, you read that right. Just changing your cooking oil can help keep you away from cancer. Rice bran oil is a rich source of tocopherols and tocotrienols, both of which are anti-mutagenic in nature. These substances help prevent cancer caused by free radicals.

Better cardiovascular health: Thanks to the oil-laden foods that we all consume on a daily basis, heart diseases have become common. Rice bran oil, on the other hand, contains oryzanol, which helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, blood clotting and thereby prevents many heart diseases like congestive heart failure, heart attack etc.

Improved skin health: Squalene, a compound present in rice bran oil, works wonders in improving skin health. It acts like a natural moisturizer, prevents the formation of wrinkles and delays skin ageing. It also protects the skin from sun damage and helps improve healthy skin tone.

Immunity boost: Thanks to its high antioxidant content, rice bran oil can act as an effective immune system booster. Regular consumption of foods cooked in rice bran oil helps the body fight free radicals and improves its ability to fight against diseases.

Endocrine power: The vitamin E content in rice bran oil is believed to work wonders in improving endocrine system function by balancing hormonal release.
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ABIS Rice bran oil — health benefits and uses

March 28th, 2016

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ABIS RICE POST 1Here’s why ABIS Rice Bran oil beats every other oil with its health quotient.

Rice bran oil is a heart-healthy oil that is used in cooking, salad oil and nutritional supplements.  It is extracted from the outer bran coats of rice. The oil you use to cook your food, no matter how little you have of it, affects your health. While many of us stick to conventional cooking oils, rice bran oil is the all-new rage. Made from the outer husk of rice, this oil is packed with health benefits.

Rice Bran Oil has the most balanced fatty acid composition amongst edible vegetable oils as per WHO recommendation apart from valuable nutrients like Tocotrienol (a very powerful Vitamin-E), skin-friendly compound Squalene and above all the amazingly heart-friendly Oryzanol. Rice Bran Oil has been extensively researched the world over for its nutritive properties. It has been found to have the highest cholesterol lowering property amongst all the common edible vegetable oils. More importantly, Oryzanol present in the Rice Bran Oil selectively reduces the Bad (LDL) Cholesterol and improves the Good (HDL) Cholesterol – thereby improving the HDL-LDL ratio which is considered to be more important health parameter than Total Cholesterol. Oryzanol also improves hormonal balance in the body. Tocotrienol is a very powerful form of Vitamin-E which is a strong anti-oxidant that drastically reduces oxidized free-radicals in the body that damage the body cells leading to premature aging.

Touted to be better than other cooking oils, rice bran oil is rich in vitamin E, Oryzanol, tocopherols, tocotrienols & high amounts of phytosterols (anti-cancer properties), polyphenols and squalene — all compounds that do immense good for our body.  Wondering how? Here’s your answer.

Lowers cholesterol levels: Rice bran oil is perfect for your health and one reason for this is the fact that it contains a compound called Oryzanol. This compound has cholesterol lowering properties. It has been found to lower bad cholesterol and increase the concentration of good cholesterol. It does so by inhibiting absorption of dietary cholesterol or by improving the conversion of cholesterol so that it is removed from your body through faeces.

Protects you from heart attacks: Apart from all the health benefits gamma Oryzanol has, it is also known to help prevent platelet aggregation[3] — a system where platelets blood get stuck together and form clots that block your arteries — therefore preventing the onset of a heart attack

Regulates your thyroid function: If you are suffering from hypothyroidism (low levels of the thyroid hormone) then using rice bran oil may be a great idea. The oil has been found to lower elevated serum thyroid stimulating hormone levels (TSH) in people with hypothyroidism, without altering their  levels of thyroxine-iodine (T4) or triiodothyronine (T3), and it is said to do so by directly influencing the working of hypothalamus (a part in your brain, responsible for stimulation of the thyroid gland).

Skin health: Rice bran oil also contains a compound known as squalene that is great for your skin. Apart from that, this oil is also a very potent reservoir of compounds  known as Tocotrienols, which when broken down convert to vitamin E. Vitamin E helps nourish and moisturize your skin, while preventing the formation of wrinkles and premature ageing.

Carefully sourced for the highest nutrient content, delicately processed without chemicals to minimize nutrient losses and with adequate quantity of nutrients to provide optimum health benefits, ABIS Rice Bran delivers the natural goodness of this wonder oil. The lifestyle and dietary choices we make every day makes it prudent to choose not only the right amount of oil, but also ensure that we use an oil of the best quality. Every drop of ABIS Rice Bran is not just oil but high science that your family’s heart truly deserves.


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