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November 14th, 2015

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 “MR. PARAG KRISHNAVADAN TAKTAWALA, the man behind the success story in setting up India’s biggest automated feed manufacturing unit at Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh with a manufacturing capacity of 1600 TPD”.

Extraordinary people always have something to share and something truly extraordinary to talk about. They know that they can turn the impossible into reality by their dedication, expertise, perseverance and confidence.

We at IB Group are truly indebted to such a man for his selfless services and for whom money is inconsequential. Mr.Parag, the man whose positive attitude led IB Group achieve their dream of establishing India’s first fully automated feed plant.

 Mr.Parag was the master of his time who made the most of the allotted 24 hrs and laid the foundation stone to success. He was passionate, energetic and dedicated towards his work and always felt the need of transforming his knowledge and experience towards contributing to the growth & development of the industry and society. He is an incredible person who stands unbeaten as far his talent and skills are concerned. He chose to accomplish this big dream with his dedicated team, overcame all unpredictable situations and hardships and kept pushing his limits to attain what he always aspired for.

His vision always kept him going and thus he succeeded in making a lasting contribution towards creating a better world. He has been an inspiration to others not only for his achievement but also for his attitude and values.

Mr Parag truly believes in the mantra of “Make in India”. He worked with us hand in hand to achieve our commitment to provide a protein rich diet

We at IB Group together take this opportunity to salute him for his outstanding contribution and extraordinary act. We also wish him all the success for all his future endeavours.

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